'When I began applying the principles found in Real Talk to my interactions with my own children, our relationships became richly enjoyable.' - Diana
Good parenting is not an accident or genetic...it takes motivation combined with the right knowledge and skills.

T3-Parents can't give you the motivation, but we can teach you the right knowledge and skills. Our Parenting Strategies Program will give you the tools you need to raise children who are ready to face the world...and win!

Good conversations will transform any ordinary relationship in dramatic ways.

Our Real Talk program will teach you how to make every conversation life-changing. Imagine what that will do for your marriage, your children, your church, your office! Real Talk makes a Real Difference!

Choosing careers and a life direction is scary and confusing, especially when you donít have any sense of Godís designs on your life.

Each of us bring to life a unique combination of experiences, abilities, knowledge, personality and dreams.

Life Mapping is a six-week course where you will gain insight into your unique design and begin to uncover the dreams God has placed in you for his purposes.

Spiritual Growth Journals are the perfect tool to help individuals, families and groups establish a natural spiritual rhythm and connect deeply with God through Scripture, spiritual disciplines, and personal reflection. Choose from differnt versions or customize a journal for your group.

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